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Sustainable Packaging Solutions

At Logos Packaging, we focus on creating the sustainable outcomes. We take into account the balance between people, environment and ambition.

To create a peaceful living environment, we are not only to follow the government regulation, but we also set up the corporate responsibility policy and guidelines to govern our business practices as well as make all involved parties be accountable to it.

Environmental Responsibility:
Our innovative total packaging solutions use materials, facilities, systems and methods that won’t deplete the natural resources and reduce the impact to the global environment.

Our environmenal goals
1.Optimise energy usage
2.Reuse & reduce waste
3.Reduce greenhouse and non greenhose gas (GHG) emissions
Social Responsibility:
Logos Packaging’s Charitable Fund
Logos Pacakging’s charitable fund is established in 2011. This charitable fund dedicated to create a better world by enriching the environment, health, education, cultural and spiritual life of the needy in China. The operating capital is provided entirely by 5% of Logos’ profit, all profit of Jianyi Food Trading Co. Ltd and staff donation.