Stand up pouch for pet food 2014!

Flexible Stand-up Pouches –lightweight packaging for the food and pet food industry

LOGOS’s customizable stand-up pouches (SUP) are the ideal solution for pet food and food packaging, offering a good alternative to cans or aluminium trays. Stand up pouches are produced out of light-weight laminates and depending on the requirement of the product are made up of high barrier material.

A great variety of plastic pouches is available in different formats (eg single serve packaging) and for a number of applications (e.g. food pouch, pet food pouch, etc.). Retort pouches can be sterilised and pasteurised for food, pet food as well as non-food applications and are customizable in shape, design and special features.

The flexible concept of our printed stand-up pouches also gives you a wide range of presentation possibilities to choose from. High-quality rotogravure print or flexo print designs ensure an elegant, attractive appearance and catch the attention of potential buyers.

flexible packaging stand-up pouch laminates barrier material retort sterilisable food pet food microwaveable light-weight

Key benefits of stand-up pouches:

  • Laminated light-weight packaging cost efficient transport, less waste to dispose
  • excellent barrier properties protect the content
  • High-quality barrier laminates protect the content
  • Wide range of shape and design possibilities
  • Special features like tear notches, punch holes, laser perforation or reclosable zippers


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