Rotorgravure press

Rotorgravure press is the first step. Check the pic below:


Nickel deposition (adhesion promoter for of copper)

Copper deposition (also for circumference adjustment)

Chemical etching  

Fine text or linework or electronic engraving 

Engraving of cavities into copper layer by a computer controlled diamond engraving head ( standard equipment from Daetwyler/OHIO or Linotype/Hell )
Good for difficult jobs with halftones & overlapping  or LASER engraving  

Formation of cavities by firing a computer-controlled, powerful LASER beam on Zn-based alloy surface of cylinder  

Chrome coating deposition 

Polishing of cylinder surface to suitable roughness & cleanliness

After pressed, it comes to laminatation. Two or three film laminated together by applying glue or extrusion with hot melt PE.

After lamination, the film will have combination of properties of laminated films, like high barrier, heat sealing and other properties.

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