Innovative Cocktail Packaging Pouch - Waldemar Behn "ShakerPouch"

Cocktail Pouch
New Cocktail Pouch Packaging From Waldemar Behn GmbH


German family-owned drinks company Waldemar Behn GmbH will introduce new liqueur brands and flavours as well as an innovative convenience cocktail concept at the TFWA World Exhibition. 

In response to the increasing demand for ready-to-drink and ready-to-go cocktails, Waldemar Behn is introducing Todd’s Push & Chill, which offers fresh cocktails in convenient 200ml pouches

The tubular bag in the stand up pouch separates the alcohol components from the intensive fruit essence until the drink is prepared. They only come into contact and develop their full aromas immediately prior to drinking. The "fun factor" provides that certain extra: a viewing window enables the fruit pulp's "explosion" and subsequent mixing with the base spirit to be watched.

Shaped like a cocktail shaker, the stand up pouch consists of a multi-ply laminate and is provided with high-quality gravure printing. Thanks to its laser perforations and knurled embossing, the ShakerPouch is easy to open. An unprinted inner bag with aluminium coating protects the fresh fruit pulp from light and retains its aroma.

The company claims that the product can create a fresh mixed quality “similar to any cocktail bar standard”. The key lies in the fruit button, which the consumer has to push to start the assemblage of the liquids, shake well, tear open and serve with ice. Waldemar Behn believes that Todd’s Push & Chill has “huge potential” particularly in the ferry and cruise line markets.

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