Innovative spout pouch

Spout pouch free parents from feeding the baby as the baby can serve themselves. And they won't mess up! Spout pouch works perfectly with yogurt, puree, soup and many more.


But there one thing that might cause serious problem. You can see the cap is not big, the baby will probably put it into his mouth and chock himself. The food company will be in big trouble if things like this happened. LOGOS PACKAGING solved the problem by making anti-chock cap. Here you can have an idea what "anti-chock" cap is.

Extralarge cap is more easier to get off, as it is big cap, it is not possible for the baby to put it into his mouth. There is no potential risk to apply the food by kids. Smart, isn't it?

Get contact with LOGOS PACKAGING expert for more spout pouch solution!


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