Refill spout pouch-Innovative packaging for liquid products
  • In the same amount of space that would typically accommodate 30 plastic bottles (946 mL), up to 840 empty refill pouches with spout fitments (1 L) can be stored or shipped. This is a 96% reduction in storage or shipping space.
  • A flexible refill pouch (1 L) can hold 5% more product than a plastic refill bottle (946 mL) with 55% less packaging material weight.
  • The packaging efficiency (product-to-package ratio) of a flexible refill pouch is nearly double that of a plastic container, which means the same amount of product can be delivered with half the amount of packaging material, resulting in a considerable savings in shipping costs.
  • Two used plastic refill bottles (1.47 L) would occupy the same amount of space in a landfill as 107 used flexible refill pouches with spouts (828 mL).

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