Ready To Drink, Ready To Go!

Ready to drink is big breakthrough in the drink market as you can enjoy the delicious cocktail without being a mixer or knowing the reciept.

Here is an example of RTD brand from UK ---mycocktail.

MyCocktail pouches are a revolutionary way to share and enjoy cocktails anytime, anyplace. Blended by expert mixologists, the range includes a classic Cosmopolitan and the much-loved Mojito…packaged in an award-winning lightweight pouch so that anyone can serve a perfectly blended cocktail at any occasion – from at home, to outdoor festivities such as picnics and festivals.
The Cosmopolitan is a sophisticated combination of premium French vodka, cranberry juice with orange liqueur and an infusion of lime.
The Mojito is a crisp blend of Caribbean White Rum, Mexican lime juice and natural mint extract, and is perfect served straight-up chilled or authentically over crushed ice.
With the summer months approaching, MyCocktail is an ideal alternative for outdoor drinking, where glass alternatives simply aren’t an option. The easy pour handle is designed for simple serving and the foil pack means the liquid can be kept chilled and stays fresh for up to three months once opened.

Our favourite is the fab Cosmopolitan!  Refreshing, delicious and great for summer parties!
MyCocktail Cosmopolitan and Mojito pouches are available in 1.5 litres from Asda 10% abv RRP £13.99.

For more information about the range visit Always drink responsibly.

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