Spout pouch for baby food

As a leading blending & filling service provider, March Foods is enjoying high reputation among their clients from both in UK and around the world. The state-of-the-art facilities enable them to provide world class sanitary filling service. Mycocktail is a solid partner who has been using March Foods service for years.

March Foods is expanding very fast, now they just set up another double station filling machine and they will invest filling machine for doy pak!

Ian Crosby, commercial director of March Foods visit LOGOS PACK yesterday and he is impressed by the 5S management, tidy and neat workshop.

LOGOS packaging is second to none partner for your products!

Spout pouch is not only convenient to apply but also very safe. Not like glass bottle, spout pouch won't break when fall to the ground. Nobody is gonna get hurt. Furhter more, it is very light, very soft and occupying very small space when disposal.

As flexible packaging expert, we are providing millions spout pouch of various designs, normal cap, corner fitment, anti-choking caps etc. 

Get contact with us for more info and free samples!


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