Better packaging, better market performance

Believe or not, there is a war fighting in the shopping mall shelf. Brands of same catagory are having face to face competition. Consumer is not allowed to "taste" before they buy, so the only cause for them to chose will be how does the product look. Packaging represents the company's style. And sometimes consumer will judge the quality not by the products itself but the look of the packaging.

Flexible packaging is becoming a powerful weapon if you apply it properly. Functionally, high barrier, spout fitment, and resealable zipper makes the pouch more consumer friendly. Food like snacks, chips is moisture sensitive, resealable zipper is here to stop the polution when it is closed.

Spout pouch is best packaging option when the drinks is "ready to go", flexible, light and easy to take along.As it is flexible, it is not possible to use the empty pouch to be a weapon when in some occision like football match.

Hanging hole, slider zipper, clear window, de gassing valve...all functions are available to make the packaging outstanding among the competitors.

As flexible packaging expert, we are providing many options for customers. State of the art facilities and skilled people enable us to provide high quality products. BRC and FDA-ims approved plants, make sure that our quality is worry free to buy. Well known brands like Heinz, Durex, 7-11, Family Mart and many more are buying packaging material from us.

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