About Hook-To-Hook Zipper (Aplix Esay Lock) Packaging

Throughout my years of sales experience of velcro zipper, as known as hook-to-hook zipper, the most appealing point to the brand owners is not about the functions or permeability that the zipper gives, but they are always so happy to hear the "creeeep" noise when they open the bag. When it comes to packaging, a very judgmental thing in consumers' eyes, people tend to seek for the "wow" factor which encourages the buying behavior.

Two weeks ago when I was having a business trip in Bangkok, I saw an astonishing packaging for P&G laundry powder which is a perfect model of integrating the elements of "functionality" and "attractiveness". It has come to my vocational (my wife says morbid) curiosity to study the packaging in the grocery store for almost an hour. Of course, I bought it home eventually and is sharing this with you.



Velcro is more to be a re-close zipper inside the pouch, but consumers can put the velcro sticker on one side of the bag and then simply close it by folding it half. It eventually performs the re-closing function but in a different way. This is what I call the "wow" factor.

As you may have already known, the hook-and-loop zipper ensures the freshness and preserves the products inside the bag. The closure system works, even if it contacts to fine or granular products - the hooks will still close. Meanwhile other closure systems could become obstructed and nonfunctional when the zipper touches by finely ground particles. Velcro is one of the latest innovations in flexible packaging technology, and it is an ideal solution for products that are consumed over time.

At Logos our velcro zipper can be applied on stand up pouch, flat bag, quad seals, flat bottom bag (box pouch)... whichever packaging format you can imagine. Contact us today and see how we can "wow" your packaging.

Email: cy.yu@logospack.com.hk


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