LOGOS Advanced Packaging Functionality Options

Resealable Zipper:

Resealable zipper gives customers the option to reclose the package and reuse the products. It suits majority of packaging bags.

Top Slider:

Top slider gives customers to reclose the reuse the products effortlessly. It is especially good for bulk packaging.

Laser Score or Tear notch:
Tear notch is smooth and easy to open. It allows customers to open the package effectively.

One way valve:
It allows the internal pressure or gas to be released, whereas preventing the air ingress into the package.

Hang Hole:

There are 2 types of hang hold: Round hang hole or butterfly hang hole. They allow your packaging bag to be placed on display hook at point of sales, chosen depending on your applications.

Plastic Handle Fitment:

A plastic handle can be welded in order for easy carrying of heavy package effortlessly.

Spout Fitment:

Center Spout or angle spout fitment, easy for drink or suck as shelf-serve function, easy to dispense and reclosure are user friendly features. 

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