Packaging Insight : Spout Pouch For Baby Food Market
baby food spout pouch

Many global leading baby food manufacturers, like, Plum Organics, Heinz, Gerber, re-design their baby foods and launch their new baby food line with flexible spout pouches. Once you read the followings, you will know why they make such changes.


Great Visual Impression

According to some researches, visual impressions are always critical to selling image. With the excellent printing surface and advanced printing techonologies, more design options,such as,shape, colors, styles, printing, are availables for manufacturers. Spout pouch broadens the appeal of the baby food beyond the traditional baby foods, which are packaged in glass-jars. 
Babies & Parents' Needs
Parents always face a problem about "where is my spoon". With the spout on top of spout pouch, parents don't need the spoon anymore. The light-weight baby food spout pouch is squeezable, babies can hold it with their little hand and eat on their own safely.
Care Babies' Health
The retorting process of packaging baby food in spout pouches or glass jars is simliar. As the materials of spout pouch are thinner, the retort process time of it is relatively shorter. In other words, the freshness, taste and nutritional values of the baby foods are better in spout pouch.
To sum up, spout pouch is the best baby food packaging in 2013 as it meets the needs of baby food manufacturers, babies and parents.Logos Packaging has produced BPA FREE & high quality spout pouches for many years. Welcome to send us an inquiry here for futher baby food packaging information.

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