Market Insight: GoGo squeeZ Introduces Fast Fruit For Adults With Spout Pouch
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Baby foods in spout pouch have become a hit with babies, toddlers and kids in last few years.  According to Plum Organics report, "Sales of pouch-style baby food more than doubled in the last 3 months, while baby food in jars and tubs was down by 15%". 

"40% of baby food products or flavors introduced last year cam in spout pouches, up from 2% in 2007", Benjamin Punchard says, the senior global packaging analtst at Mintel. 

After having a great success in baby food market with spout pouch, pouch baby food makers are going to marketing them as a way for adult to snack on the go. Now, few pouch baby food makers are experimenting these pureed food to adults.

GoGo squeeZ: "Fast Fruit" For Adults

Gogo squeeZ, introduces its "Fast Fruit" with larger spout pouch for adults after spending more than a year to do consumer research about the grown-up fruit puree. 

Meanwhile, Gogo squeeZ has found that young adults posting pictures of themselevs eating pouch applesauce on social-media platforms like instagram.

 Happy Family: Happy Squeeze Line

Happy Family, a leading premium organice food brand, launches 4 lines for both whole family (kids and adults) with squeezable spout pouch

According to Shazi Visram, the founder, CEO & Chief mom of Happy Family, "For the past  years, we have heard from our loyal mons and dads that they often find themselves eating our organic foods along with their babies and toddlers, so we decided to create a series of new, delicious organic sncaks for the entire family to enjoy."

Pouch Hits Most Of The Big Eating 

These pouch baby food makrers believe that pouches will be succeed with adults as pouches hit most of the big eating today. U.S. consumers continue to eat a lot in cars. People are snacking more instead of cooking meals. They want healthy, exciting food that still tastes good. Enter the pouch - consumed in seconds through a nozzle held in one hand.

[Editors Notes: As spout pouch is very popular in beverage sector, such as, juice, energy drinks or cocktails, we believe spout pouch is the right packaging format for healthy snack to differentiate itself at point-of-sales.

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