Market Innovation: Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s Packaging Breakthrough – Zipper Quad Seal Bag
quad seal bag

Hill’s Pet Nutritions introduces a new pet food series, which combines natural ingredients with the Hill’s perfectly balanced nutrition that consumers trust. It’s the 1st new brand from Hill’s since 1968.

“Hill’s Ideal Balance maintains the promise of advanced nutrition crafted by pet nutritionists and is the new natural brand of pet food guaranteed to be perfectly balanced,” said Hill’s US President Kostas Kontopanos.

In addition to the changes of ingredients & formulas, Hill’s Ideal Balance evils its packaging breakthrough– zipper qual seal bag. This zipper quad seal bag integrates with the resealable press-lok closure, which ensures any easy, user-friendly experience.

Hill’s quad seal bag not only to deliver values to its pet owners through usability & high quality, the innovative quad seal bag with 4 blank excellent printing panels & 2 side gussets also helps Hill’s to stand out in the market & utilize the bags & shelf spaces. 

[Editors notes: Resealable quad seal bag is ideal for pet food packaging. If you need more information about quad seal bag, you can take a look of our high quality quad seal bag here, or contact us by mail or inquiry form]

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