Vineyards Announced Its Packaging Breakthrough - Spouted Stand Up Pouch
Spouted Stand Up Pouch

Vineyards, a French company, announced its Green PicNic organ wine with the eco-friendly & environmental friendly spouted stand up pouch

“As the leader in organic wine production in France and Europe since 1993, it was logical for Gilles to take an interest in a more ecologically friendly solution like the pouch.”, Laura Bret, the national sales manager of Gilles Louvet said. 

The 1.5L flexible spouted stand up pouch offers a 8 weeks shelf life in the refrigerator after opening. It is also ergonomically friendly, light weight & allows for quick product chilling in the fridge. Most important, with the spout in the stand up pouch, pouring is easy.

What's more, this spouted stand up pouch is not only enhances the usuability & brings the marketing benefits, it is also eco-friendly. This spouted stand up pouch is sad to offer a carbon footpring of 20% of traditional glass container. 

[Editior's Notes: Vineyards isn't the 1st company to use spouted stand up pouch for wine. This kind of packaging is popular now due to the usability & eco-friednly. If you are interested to know more, you can see our innovative spouted stand up pouch here, or contact us by mail or inquiry form.]

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