Mono material Stand up Pouch

Item No: Mono material Stand up Pouch
Description :
Conventional multi-layer composite films are difficult to recycle because of the need to separate the different film layers. What’s more, many countries do not have the necessary recycling systems and processes in place to recycle complex laminates. In contrast, Mono Material films are fully recyclable as all layers are made of the same type of plastic, which makes sorting easier and leads to cleaner recycling streams.
The material was developed in response to demand to reduce plastic waste without compromising on quality or functionality.
It is suitable for a range of packaging formats such as dry food, food ingredients, beverage and as well as pet food. Composited two layers of PE film, Logos recyclable is a highly functional, flexible, packaging material that’s easy to open and reclose for consumer convenience. Industry-wide initiatives are driving development of recyclable packaging for a circular economy but more sustainable waste management practices are need. The flexible plastic packaging can become truly circular. Flexible material designed for recycling is key to enabling circularity to safeguard precious resources in Europe and Oceania.


  • Packaging Bag Features:
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Enhanced Functionality: Durable
Printing Techniques: Rotogravure / Sandwich Printing
Designed Options: Matt Varnishing / 12C
Available Size: Send us email for further information


Common Application:

Pet food packaging, Snack food packaging, Confectionery packaging, Lawn & Garden Fertilizer packaging, Household Chemical packaging, Coffee packaging, Toys packaging, Seafood packaging, Frozen Food Packaging, Fresh produce Packaging,Confectionary Pouches, Wet-wipe packaging, Cereal pouches.

Weight or Capacity depends on bag's content sizes.Please request a sample to ensure a better fit to you.