Heinz Soup & Sauces Retort Pouch

Item No: Ready To Eat Food Packaging - Retort Pouch 01
Description :

Different to tin cans and blister container, soup packaging in retort pouches is cost-effective, attractive, customizable and simple to package.

Thanks to the thinner dimension of retort pouch materials, the processing duration has been greatly reduced over time. At Logos our retort pouch is able to be sterilized at 121 for 25 minutes. Foods can be stored in ambient condition and consumed without further cooking or reheating. With a shorter retort time, food would taste better as most nutrients and flavour are preserved.

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Retort Pouch Key Features:

• Better taste of foods
• Keep the nutritional value of ready to eat foods
• Longer shelf life
• Light weight
• Optimized the shelf space
• Reduce the materials, logistics, retort process & warehouse costs

• Ready To Eat Food Packaging, Ready Meal Packaging, Instant Soup Packaging, Prepared Food Packaging 

Printing Techniques: D-Metallization, Matt Finishing, Vanishing

Available Size: 100G – 1KG

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Weight or Capacity depends on bag's content sizes.Please request a sample to ensure a better fit to you.