MRE food packaging

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MRE Pouch for Military and Humanitarian Uses

MRE, or Meals Ready to Eat, are self-contained, individual field rations in light weight flexible packaging bought by the military for use in combat or other field conditions where food facilities are not available. MRE replaced canned military meals and other humanitarian meals. MRE retort pouches are more convenient and lighter in weight than canned rations, making MRE pouches easier to transport and more durable with similar shelf life to canned rations. HPM Global MRE pouches are approved by the U.S. Military Service “Natick” based on military regulation “MIL-PRF-44O73F” (Canadian Food Inspection Test Method).
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Retort Pouch Key Features:

•Better food taste 
•Better visual appearance
•Keep the nutritional value of ready foods
•Longer shelf life
•Light weight
•Optimize the shelf space
•Reduce the materials, logistics, retort process & warehouse costs

•Safety & Squeezable

Barrier Level:


Common Application:

•Ready To Eat Food Packaging, Ready Meal Packaging, Instant Soup Packaging, Prepared Food Packaging


Enhanced Functionality: Handle, Resealable Zipper, Punch Hole, Round Hole

Printing Techniques: D-Metallization, Matt Finishing, Vanishing

Designed Options: N/A

Available Size: 100G – 1KG

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Weight or Capacity depends on bag's content sizes.Please request a sample to ensure a better fit to you.