Retort Soup Pouch

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Although fast eating culture is not encouraged, manufacturers of ready-to-eat foods are thinking how to retain most nutrients of foods during the processing and sanitisation. And undoubtedly, retort processing (cooking under 125C for 35 minutes) is the best options to maximise the products’ shelf life without adding artificial preservatives.

Simply immersing the entire bag into hot water or pour it out for reheat. Alternatively, Logos offers microwavable retort pouch without aluminium layer, yet maintaining high and effective oxygen and water vapour barrier function.

  • Packaging Bag Features:
  • Available Packaging Bag Options:

Enhanced Functionality: 3-layer microwavable structure

Printing Techniques: Rotogravure print

Designed Options:  Retort Stand Up Pouch

Available Size: 300ml – 600ml

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Retort Pouch Features:

 •Expanded internal capacity by adding bottom gussets

 •Retortable at 135C (275F) for 25 minutes

 •Glossy/Matt finish available

 •Die-cut available to create special shapes

Barrier Level:

•Very high

Common Application:

 •Ready to eat foods

Weight or Capacity depends on bag's content sizes.Please request a sample to ensure a better fit to you.